How to Match Art in A Room: A Guide

how to match art to a room cover image
how to match art in a room cover image

Matching artworks, pictures, and other wall-hanging ornaments within your space is a vital step in bringing all interior design elements together.

Correctly matching wall art and getting the balance right will draw the right attention, providing a more visually appealing space to anyone that steps foot in the space.

Wondering how to match art in a room? Does wall art have to match at all? There’s no hard and fast rule to artworks, pictures, and interior design – but there are ways that you can bring all of your artworks together to keep the space cohesive

How to Match Art in a Room

Matching art to a room starts with one simple mantra that should define all your artistic choices – find art that you truly love! Finding a style or medium that you enjoy looking at is the first step to matching art, as the most important pairing factor to art is you.

Finding the first piece of art that matches the colour of your room might work by simple harmony, but the walls of your room are an extension of your taste, and you should give yourself enough time to find something that matches.

matching wall art is the finishing element that makes a room feel more complete

Other than choosing an artwork that you love, there are a number of other factors to consider, including:

1. Choosing Art by Size

A central factor in matching art in your room is the size of the artwork compared to its destination. Buying a massive landscape for a tiny office is not only impractical, but it will also affect the mood of the room when you are in there. Choosing an artwork that is too big for the space will make the room seem cramped and will also take up valuable space for furniture.

On the other hand, choosing an artwork that is too small for a room will make it feel cold and uninviting. Small pictures end up doing the opposite of their intention and draw the viewer’s attention to the blank space around it, not your lovely artwork.

Try several different artworks and hanging styles when matching various sizes to rooms. When it comes to how to match art in a room, think about your placement. Keep the room’s balance in mind. Are you hanging several works? Smaller is better. Do you want the art to be the focal point? Consider an oversized piece of art.

importance of matching the size of your artwork to the size of the room

2. Matching Abstract Wall Art

Abstract art is one of the most difficult artistic styles to match. With wild colours and haphazard geometric patterns, abstract work can be an absolute nightmare to match with more pared-back interior designs. The best way to match abstract wall art is to place it against plain-coloured walls. White often works best and highlights the features of the artwork without clashing with the content.

Abstract wall art needs to be able to match the style of your room too. Whether you have designed a modern, minimalist, industrial, or coastal style for your home, make sure it is capable of matching an outlandish abstract artwork. Consider the feeling your room evokes; does your chosen art also reflect that?

3. Colour Coordination

Coordinating your art to match the colour of your room is a commonly used interior design tactic. Complementary colours are those that are opposite each other on the traditional colour wheel. These colours pair well together if you are looking to get two colours, or otherwise, for a monochrome look, you can keep all your art in theme with the colour of the room.

examples of a few popular colour combinations

4. Consider What’s Already There

How to match art in a room? Consider what’s already in there. When selecting the best artwork for your next room, ask yourself whether you are prepared to massively alter the existing space for your art. Several elements may already be at play in your interior design that will help shape your decision, and how you can approach matching:

Existing Artwork: Have you already got artwork or wall hangings in your targeted room? If you have installed anything in the room already, or if there are several works already inside, why not try and find a work to fit within these parameters. Finding art that matches other works will create a cohesive visual flow in the room, making the room feel more complete. Art that stands out too much can make the room feel disjointed. Think about the colours, style, and size of the pieces already in the room.

Furniture in The Room: Existing furniture or other accessories in the destination room can influence the right type of art for the setting. Brightly coloured sofas, chairs, or cabinets can clash with some styles of wall artworks. Furniture can be a centrepiece of its own. You must decide whether you want your artwork or furniture to do the talking in your room, and then you can start looking into matching.

Does Wall Art Have to Match?

Often, we are so preoccupied with finding out how to match art in a room that we forget to ask if it has to match at all! The most important part of any room pairing is ensuring that it fits your definition of matching. If you think that it matches, and like the way it looks, then that is all that matters. What’ matches’ what is subjective, so make sure to have some fun with it.

Hang Your Perfectly Matched Art

Professional Picture Hanging are the experts when it comes to mounting just about any type of artwork on a wall. Regardless of whether you’ve made the tough call of what art to match with the room, or you need a hand with placement, we will get your artwork on the wall in no time. From mirror hanging, and canvas hanging, to photo hanging, our state-of-the-art railing systems are perfect for any home. Wondering how to match art in a room? Nothing will match if it’s not installed on the wall properly!

For picture hanging solutions across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, get in touch with the experts at Professional Picture Hanging today.

Starting an Art Collection on a Budget: Your Guide

starting an art collection cover
starting an art collection on a budget

If like most people, you enjoy having art around the house, then knowing how to collect art on a budget is valuable information.

Starting an art collection is often the last thing on anyone’s mind these days, especially considering the rising cost of living, and the dramatic costs associated with ‘nice art’.

But what if starting an art collection didn’t need to be expensive? Is there a way to collect and display art in your home without breaking the bank? Here at Professional Picture Hanging, we like to think so!

Read on below for our guide on how to collect art, and how to keep it budget friendly.

How to Collect Art On A Budget

There are many ways to get started in art collecting, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find art at garage sales, flea markets, and even online. Once you start collecting, you may want to focus on a particular artist or type of art. But no matter what your focus is, there are a few things to keep in mind when collecting art on a budget.

First, don’t be afraid to haggle. Many times, the seller is willing to negotiate on price, especially if you’re buying multiple pieces. Don’t be afraid to start small. You can always add to your collection as your budget allows.

the importance of doing your research before you buy a piece of art for your collection

Find a Style You Love

Starting an art collection can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only do you get to surround yourself with beautiful objects, but you also get to invest in something that can appreciate in value over time. However, before you start buying artworks willy-nilly, it’s important to find a style that you love. This will help you focus your collection and ensure that every piece you buy is one that you truly cherish.

There are many different styles of art out there, so it’s important to take some time to explore before making any decisions. Attend art exhibitions, scour galleries, and auction houses, and most importantly, listen to your heart. Once you find a style that speaks to you, stick with it, and build a collection that you can be proud of.

Start Small

How to start collecting art on a budget? Start small!

There are a few reasons why it’s important to start small when you’re first starting to collect art.

For one, it can be overwhelming to try and purchase a lot of artwork all at once. It’s better to start with a few pieces that you really love and build your collection from there.

Another reason is that it’s easier to get burned out if you’re constantly buying new artwork. If you start small, you can take your time finding pieces that you truly connect with and won’t get overwhelmed by the process.

why you should start small when you collect art before moving up to bigger works

Visit Art Shows and Museums for Inspiration

Visiting art shows and museums for inspiration is important when you start collecting art because it helps you to develop your own taste and style. It also allows you to see what other collectors are interested in and get an idea of the current market. Additionally, it can be a great way to meet other collectors and artists and learn about new artists and movements. Finally, visiting art shows and museums can simply be enjoyable, and it is always beneficial to expand your knowledge about art history and culture.

Find Local Artists on Social Media

When it comes to finding local artists to start your art collection, there are a number of ways you can go about it. One option is to search for them on social media. This can be a great way to connect with artists in your area and get an idea of their work before committing to purchasing anything. Plus, it’s a great way to support local talent!

There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for artists on social media, though. First, make sure you’re following reputable accounts that are likely to showcase quality work. Second, take some time to read through the artist’s bio or website before reaching out – this will help you get a better sense of their style and what they’re all about.

Buy at Auction Where Possible

There are plenty of reasons to buy art at auction. For one, it can be a great way to get good deals on art. With so many people vying for the same piece, prices can sometimes go down.

Another reason to buy art at auction is that it can be a great way to find rare or unusual pieces. With so many different auctions happening all the time, you’re bound to come across something that catches your eye.

a great way to collect art on a budget is through art auctions

Look for Small Works by Big Names

Looking to start your art collection, but not sure where to begin? One option is to look for small works by big names. This can be a good way to get started for a few reasons.

For one, high-quality works by well-known artists tend to hold their value over time, so you can feel confident that your purchase will be a wise investment. Additionally, these pieces can provide you with instant name recognition and bragging rights, which can be helpful when it comes to impressing clients or dinner guests.

Of course, the downside of this approach is that you may have to pay more for a smaller piece by a big-name artist. But if you’re patient and do your research, you should be able to find some great deals.

Be Prepared for the Long Haul

It can be tempting to want to buy everything at once when you first start collecting art. However, it is important to be patient and take your time in order to build a quality collection that you will be happy with for years to come.

One of the benefits of taking your time is that you can learn more about the different artists and styles that are out there. This way, you can make sure that you are buying pieces that you really love and that fit your personal taste. Additionally, you will likely get better deals on artwork if you purchase it over time rather than all at once.

Final Thoughts on Starting an Art Collection

Collecting art is an exciting hobby, more tangible than investing in stocks, and unlike a sports car, art is something you can enjoy each day without it depreciating in value. Starting an art collection does not require millions of dollars, with a bit of acuity of the industry, and willingness to engage with local artists, you can build an impressive collection easily!

Once your collection is beginning to take shape, hanging your art on the wall is the next step to display it around your home or office. That’s where Professional Picture Hanging comes in. Experts in installing picture rail hanging systems, we’ll have your new art collection up on the walls in a flash. Art is made to be seen, and there’s no use in your collection locked away in a dark cupboard. Get in touch with the picture hanging professionals today for a quote and to get your curation started. You’ll find us hanging art in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Where to Put Family Photos In Your Home

where to put family photos in your home cover

Looking to decorate your home with photos of your nearest and dearest but not sure where to start? Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

Many people struggle with finding the best places to hang family photos in their homes. There are a few things to consider when making this decision, such as the size and location of the space, the type of photos you are hanging, and your personal style.

The following article will cover the best locations and methods for hanging photos in the family home. With a little planning and creativity, you can display your family’s cherished memories in a way that is both stylish and functional.

Importance of Having Family Photos in the Home

Family photos are a great way to keep everyone connected and to remember happy times together. They also help to tell the story of your family’s history.

Some families choose to have a professional photographer take their family photos, while others prefer to take their own photos. Either way, it’s important to make sure that you have at least some family photos in your home. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Stay Connected

Family photos are a great way to stay connected with your loved ones, even when you can’t be together in person. When you look at a family photo, it can help you feel close to the people in the photo, even when they aren’t with you – or you’re separated by lockdown!

2. Remember Happy Times Together

When you look at a family photo, it can help you remember all of the happy times you’ve had together. From holidays and birthday parties to just everyday moments, family photos capture all of the special memories you share.

importance of decorating with family photos

3. Tell Your Family’s Story

Family photos also help to tell the story of your family. When you look at a photo from years ago, it can be interesting to see how much your family has changed over time. You may see similarities between members of your family that you didn’t notice before.

4. Help You Feel Good

Looking at family photos can also help you to feel good about yourself and your family. Seeing the people you love happy and together can fill you with a sense of warmth and happiness.

5. Family Photos Can Be Passed Down Through Generations

One of the best things about having family photos is that they can be passed down through the generations. Your children and grandchildren will one day appreciate being able to see photos of their ancestors. They may even enjoy looking at photos of you when you were younger.

Best Rooms to Hang Family Photos in the Home

There are a few things to consider when deciding where to hang family photos in your home. Here are a few of the best rooms to display these cherished memories:

  1. Living Room
  2. Dining Room
  3. Kitchen
  4. Hallways
  5. The Home Office
  6. Bedrooms

There are (of course) no hard and fast rules. Hang as many or as few photos as you like – make your home feel complete with family photos that tell your unique story.

Tips For Decorating With Family Photos

One of the best ways to personalise your home and make it feel like your own is to incorporate family photos into your decor. However, if you’ve never done this before, it can be a bit tricky to know where to start. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Start with the basics. Don’t try to do too much too soon – start with just a few key pieces and build from there. A good place to start is with a family portrait or two, and then add in other photos as you find places for them.

Get creative with displaying your photos. Choose a picture hanging system that can be used to display photos in different ways – from traditional frames and albums to more creative options like wall art or photo collages. Get creative and think outside the box to find ways to show off your photos in a way that fits your personal style.

Use photos to tell your family’s story. A great way to use family photos is to tell your family’s story through them. Choose photos that represent different stages of your life, and use them to create a visual timeline of your family’s history.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Just because you have a bunch of traditional family photos doesn’t mean you can’t mix in some fun and unique shots as well. Add in candid shots, black and white photos, or even fun selfies to add some personality to your display.

Keep it updated. As your family grows and changes, so should your photo display. Be sure to add in new photos as you take them and remove any that are no longer relevant. This will help keep your display fresh and up to date.

Where to Put Family Photos in Home and why to rotate photos often

Following these tips will help you create a beautiful and personal display of family photos that you can enjoy for years to come.

Ways to Hang Family Photos Without Drilling Into the Wall

There are plenty of ways to display photos and other artwork without drilling into your walls. Here are a few ideas:

1. Adhesive Strips or Hangers

Adhesive strips are available at most hardware stores and come in a variety of sizes and strengths. They can be used to hang everything from small pictures to large mirrors. Hangers are another option and come in both metal and plastic varieties.

2. Magnets

Magnets are a great way to hang pictures, especially if you don’t want to put any holes in your walls. You can use small magnets or even strong refrigerator magnets. Just be sure that whatever you’re hanging is not too heavy for the magnet to hold.

3. Command Strips

Command strips are similar to adhesive strips but are stronger and can hold heavier items. They’re available in a variety of sizes and strengths, so you can find the right ones for your needs.

4. Picture Rails

Picture rails are a great option if you want to be able to change out your pictures frequently. They come in both wood and metal varieties and can be mounted to the wall with screws or nails. Just be sure that the rail is securely mounted before hanging anything from it.

benefits of a picture rail system when hanging your family photos

Home Decorating at Professional Picture Hanging

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to hanging family photos in your home. It’s all about finding what works best for you and your space. If you’d like to engage the services of a professional picture hanging to get your family photos up, get in touch with the team at Professional Picture Hanging today – we service Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Have fun and happy hanging!

How Much Does It Cost to Hang a Picture?

Hanging a picture is the best way to show off your art collection within your home, office, or commercial property. By elevating pictures and artworks up above the ground, you instantly draw more attention to the masterpiece. Hanging pictures is a great way to bring a room together, add some personality to the space, and all in all, make the environment more interesting. For a picture to look its best on a wall, you should call in a professional team to hang it on your behalf. So, how much does it cost to hang a picture? Well, we’re the experts when it comes to this service! The cost of professional picture hanging is going to be clearly outlined in our guide below.

Importance of Hanging Pictures

Before we break down the cost to hang pictures, it’s important to have a look at why it’s important to hang art. Hanging a picture or artwork on the wall is a great way of bringing appeal and a sense of liveliness to a room. Artworks are often the first impression on anyone walking into the space, and striking displays on your walls will leave a lasting memory.

Professionally hanging a picture on your walls is not only great for showing off your art collection, but it is also a fitting way of helping to preserve the works themselves. Artworks on a wall are far less susceptible to dust, knocks, mould, and other factors that can damage the integrity of pictures, canvases, and anything else you choose to hang.

So, rather than leave your artworks leaning on a low shelf (or worse, the floor!), consider getting your pieces placed in a configuration that suits you best to decorate your space and preserve their condition—a small price to pay for conservation.

How Much Does It Cost to Hang a Picture?

The cost to hang pictures in your home or office is dependent on a few factors. The Professional Picture Hanging service begins at a rate of $270 for the first hour and then $170 thereafter, not including GST.

When engaging a professional picture hanging business to complete your hanging, their cost will incorporate all required equipment and materials for the picture hanging systems. You’ll only need to provide the pictures!

However, how much you will be expected to pay for this service depends on several factors:

Factors Influencing the Cost to Hang Pictures

1. The Number of Artworks

Expenses for picture hanging services include time and materials needed for each job. So, if you have many artworks or photographs that you’d like hung on the walls of your office or home, expect to pay more to have that done. Often, picture hanging services might offer a deal when hanging multiple works over a certain amount. The more pictures that need hanging, the longer the job will take. For a company charging by the hour, presume that you will have the additional labour charge added to the final bill.

if you have a lot of art to hang on the walls it could be worth installing a rail system

2. Type of Hanging System

There are several ways in which you can have your work hung up on the wall. Traditional screws and hooks have been slowly replaced by suspended rail systems that are more modular, flexible, and less damaging to the walls. Screws are a cheaper method and will save you money on your hanging project, but they are less mobile, and you need to ensure you get the positioning right on the first go.

Hanging rails are quickly becoming the most popular method to hang pictures on the wall. Rails allow your work to be cleanly hung without any damage to the face of the wall, and are easily moved around to fit your changing taste. Hanging rails are a more expensive install than screws, but for the added benefit of alterable positioning, the investment is worth it.

3. Size and Weight of Artwork

How big or heavy the picture you’d like to hang will have an impact on the total cost to hang pictures. Sizeable works will demand extra reinforcement to ensure they are hung safely. Additional materials will increase your final bill, plus any work that needs to be done to the surrounding area to put the artwork in its place correctly.

heavy artworks will cost more to hang on the wall

4. Mounting Surface

Some surfaces handle the installation of picture hanging gear better than others. Drywall is the most common hanging surface and involves a more straightforward process for installing the correct secures. The process can be done rapidly and with minimal mess. For stone walls, far more effort is needed and more invasive drilling to properly attach a picture to the wall. So, whether you need your picture hung over stone or another material will affect ‘how much does it cost to hang a picture?’

Cost of Professional Picture Hanging vs DIY

One significant consideration when it comes to the cost of picture hanging is deciding whether to do it yourself or call in a professional to hang it for you. In many cases, doing it yourself can be a cheaper option. However, it comes at the risk of doing the job incorrectly. Poorly hanging a picture on your wall will not only look awkward, but can cause structural damage to your home or office.

When it comes to hanging your artworks on the wall, it is always better to get a professional to complete the job. Not doing so can leave your paintings at risk of falling off their secures and breaking if they are not hung correctly.

How Much Does It Cost to Hang a Picture? Ask Professional Picture Hanging

Taking the time to consider spacing, framing style, matching proportions and colour palettes is essential to creating a cohesive and eye-catching display. The Professional Picture Hanging service ensures the job is done right on the first go.

Our service is budget-friendly and perfectly suited to installations of any nature in all locations. To find out more about our Melbourne picture hanging service, contact us online or on 0491 491 029 to get a free quote now!

What Height to Hang Pictures in Your Home

What Height Should I Hang Pictures Cover Image
What Height Should I Hang Pictures Cover Image

So, you’ve chosen your picture or artwork and your favourite section of the house or office, and now it’s time to hang it on the wall. But now comes the most challenging part – choosing what height to hang pictures in each space.

“What height to hang a picture?”, is a commonly asked question, and numerous factors are involved when hanging a picture on your wall. First, you’ll want to determine if you wish your chosen frame to hang at eye level or how close you want the frame to hang in proportion to a bed or couch below.

Getting the spot right is crucial in the layout of your room. Guests should comfortably enjoy photos of relatives or relish in masterpieces from famed artists (including those by yourself). Whether your goal is to hang to one important picture or to build a gallery of memories, this guide will help you choose the perfect height to hang your pictures.

Professional Picture Hanging by name and by nature. Our team offers same-day picture and artwork installations across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We have hung thousands of artworks in every space available; we will make sure you know the best height to hang your pictures on walls, hallways or any room in the house.

Choosing The Right Height to Hang Pictures on Walls

The general rule of thumb for measuring where to hang your picture is to start by measuring between 150 and 160 centimetres from the ground up along the wall on which the picture is to be hung. This is about average eye height.

Once you’ve found your height to hang your picture, you’ll want to measure it and divide it in half to find the centre. If your artwork hangs on a wire, you’ll need to get the measurement from the top of the work down to the wire. Take this measurement and subtract from that half of the picture height you measured before, and voila! That measurement is how high above your 155-centimetre measurement you should go.

There are, of course, a few ways in which this method can be altered or amended to best suit your chosen space. Here are a few common issues that can be encountered when deciding on the height to hang pictures on walls.

1. Don’t Hang a Picture Too High.

A common misconception when hanging a picture is that the higher it is, the more visible it is. You shouldn’t have to tilt your head too far up to be able to view the pictures. Experts tend to agree that you should have your pictures hanging at eye height, as you should be able to look straight at your artwork to admire it. As the height and eye line vary from person to person, we recommend that as this is your home or office, it should be based on you.

What Height to Hang Pictures in Your Home Information

2. What About the Space Above Or Below The Work?

If your home or office space has high ceilings, we still recommend using the standard 155-centimetre measurement; however, we encourage hanging more works above there if you have the room! On the other hand, if you are hanging a picture above a desk, sofa, or even bedframe, we would advise you to give about 20cm of space between the end of the furnishing and the beginning of your picture frame.

3. What Height to Hang Pictures in Hallway

Hallway fixtures often allow owners to hang more works or larger pictures due to the abundance of space. We believe that hallways also offer a fantastic opportunity to play with the layout of your pictures and get creative with their display. Hanging pictures in a cluster is an excellent way of integrating portraits of different shapes and sizes. This process can be pretty methodical, and you may need a professional to keep the ratios between the works within perspective.   

Hallways and foyers are often spaces where pictures will be seen by those who are standing, so it is essential here to have these works hanging at a suitable height. If you wish to hang more pictures on the wall, it is necessary to keep the size or centre of the cluster at an appropriate level, with a centre point that most catches the eye of the viewer. Finding the right configuration for a series of hallway pictures is a great addition to the space, and the height this is at will determine how much your artworks are noticed by your guests.

Rules are made to be broken.

Of course, there are no absolutes when dealing with how high to hang a picture. It is your space, and you should be able to hang pictures to your preference.  The directive of hanging your pictures at the height of 155 centimetres off the ground may seem like a dependable guideline, and for the most part, it is. Nevertheless, many interior designers are moving away from this regimented guide, as it can make the inside of your house seem stale if you are hanging up numerous works. Our professional installation team can work with you to select a height for your pictures that best suits your home, whether you want to follow the rules or not!

Let Professional Picture Hanging Help You Today

Numerous factors come into play when choosing what height to hang pictures in your home or office. We understand that every space is different, and it takes a special effort to find the perfect way to hang your artworks.

Professional Picture Hanging provide Australia’s leading artwork hanging service. If you are worried about choosing the right height for your pictures or prefer to leave it to the professionals, contact us.

We offer same-day services to expertly and efficiently hang multiple pictures in a short time frame across residential, commercial and industrial settings. To book the Professional Picture Hanging Brisbane loves, contact us online or on 0491 491 029 to get a free quote.

Hanging Pictures in a Rental: Is It Allowed?

Hanging pictures in a rental: Is it allowed? Can you hang artwork if you’re leasing? Are tenants able to create new holes to hang pictures?

Yes – in most cases, tenants are allowed to hang pictures in rental properties. Most landlords will see hanging pictures as a ‘minor’ alteration to the property and permission is typically granted. However, you will need to discuss these alterations with your landlord prior to hanging anything on the walls. What’s more, you’ll need to make sure that these ‘minor’ alterations are just that! While hanging a picture may seem simple enough, you’d be surprised to learn just how many DIY home decorators have found themselves trying to re-plaster a wall after a failed artwork hanging attempt.

As our name suggests, Professional Picture Hanging are the mirror and picture hanging experts. We offer same-day, picture and artwork installation services across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Having hung our fair share of pictures and artworks, we’re here to outline whether or not you should be hanging pictures as a tenant and how to hang pictures in a rental without causing any damage to the property.

Can Tenants Hang Pictures?

Generally speaking, yes, hanging pictures in a rental is allowed. There are no set rules specifically governing what renters can and can’t do regarding hanging pictures in most states. Each landlord will have their own regulations and renters are wise to comply with these rules – otherwise, it may be hard to get back the bond when it comes time to move on.

When you’re renting, the general rule is that you should be leaving the property in the same way that you found it. Aside from general, acceptable wear and tear, renters need to receive permission from their landlord before making any alterations, including attaching picture hooks to the walls. 

Depending on the rental agreement you have, you can approach the landlord directly or communicate through the real estate agent to ask for permission to make alterations.

Generally, if permission is granted by the landlord or real estate agent, all expenses need to be covered by the renter. Occasionally, the landlord may offer to pay for some materials or labour if they deem the alternations value-adding additions to the property. The exception to this rule came into effect in Victoria last year. In Victoria, renters no longer need to ask for written permission to make minor alterations, like nailing a picture hook into the wall. However, they are still obliged to restore the property to its original condition when they move on. 

So now we’ve answered the question: “Can you hang pictures in a rental property?” let’s move on to how to hang pictures in a rental property.

Hanging Pictures in a Rental: Your Options

So, are you allowed to hang pictures in a rental? Yes, you can, as long as you’ve got written permission from your landlord. Below are a few options to hang pictures in a way that won’t ruin the walls.

1. Nail Free Solutions

Picture hanging strips and nail-free hooks are available from most hardware shops or through various online retailers. If you’ve got a series of small pictures or photos to hang, these nail-free solutions will work. Nail-free hanging solutions usually come in various shapes and sizes suitable for multiple types of frames; just beware of the weight restrictions. Nail-free hooks and Velcro hook-and-loop strips will not be able to hold the weight of heavy artworks or mirrors.

2. Wall Mounts

Have a picture or artworks that are medium to large? Hanging these pieces may mean that putting a hole in the wall is unavoidable. If you have permission to go ahead with minor alterations, using wall mounts is a relatively simple way of hanging your pictures. Supporting large structures, may require a drill for installation and may not be suitable for plaster or stud walls.

3. Monkey Hooks

Monkey hooks are J-shaped wires that don’t need an anchor and are ideal for pictures with wire backings or tabs for hanging. These hooks can take a surprisingly heavy load of up to 20kgs each; however, if used on a plaster wall, monkey hooks are not suitable on sloping or uneven wall surfaces. 

4. Call In the Professionals

Let’s be real – hanging artwork across your property – rental or otherwise – is not easy! It’s difficult to know which are supporting walls, and whether walls are plaster, stud, or drywall. Knowing what type of surface you’re dealing with makes a big difference to which mechanism is best suited to hanging your pictures, photos, and mirrors. 

A stud wall, for instance, has supporting wooden panels laid out at intervals to give it structure. Nailing a hook directly into the stud will provide the most support for any hung pictures; however, most of us will not be able to accurately identify a stud wall and where the supports lay. 

Booking in with a team of professional picture hangers takes the stress away from hanging pictures in rentals or owned homes. An expert picture hanger will be able to help you choose where the picture is hung, provide the right equipment, safely hang the picture, and make sure the hanging solution is going to last for years to come.

Book Professional Picture Hanging Today

So, there you have it: It is possible to hang pictures in your rental – all it takes is a little bit of planning and foresight.

Professional Picture Hanging provide Australia’s leading artwork hanging service. Forget damaged walls, re-plastering sections and search for a stud; it’s time to leave it to the professionals.

We offer same-day services to expertly and efficiently hang multiple pictures in a short time frame, across residential, commercial and industrial settings. To book the Professional Picture Hanging Melbourne residents love, contact us online or on 0491 491 029 to get a free quote.