How Much Does A Custom Picture Framing Cost?

The cost of a custom picture framing service can range between $100 to $500, or potentially even higher, depending on what you are after in terms of size, material, and the type of artwork/picture you need framed. 

Considering that the price of off-the-shelf picture frames at department stores are typically much lower, it can be difficult to determine how much you’ll actually end up paying for a custom picture frame. However, despite the higher upfront custom picture framing cost, the value that comes with it is well worth it; particularly if you’re framing a sentimental, priceless, or precious artwork.

Why are custom frames more expensive?

Not all frames are built with the same quality and craftsmanship — compare the make of a store-bought picture frame with a custom made picture frame, and the differences are clear. Here are the main factors that contribute to higher costs for customised framing:

Frame style and material

The chosen style and material of a frame will be the main contributors of cost. Most store-bought frames are mass produced with much cheaper materials and come in predetermined, basic designs. 

Custom frames, on the other hand, incorporate the use of higher-quality materials such as timber, metals, polystyrene, and even sustainable materials like bamboo. These materials are much more durable, but come at a premium. 

Regarding frame style, custom frames offer much more in terms of customisation, allowing for a dynamic range of decorative options such as ornate, traditional, and minimalistic designs.

Size of the frame

The larger the size of the custom frame, the more expensive it will be. Custom frames can be tailored to regular print sizes from as small as 10x15cm, to huge print sizes up to 100x150cm. Price wise, smaller custom picture frames may be able to be made for under $100, but the cost can quickly rise with the required size of the frame, up to $500 and over. 

The reason for this jump in price is that much more material will need to be used in the construction of larger frames, as well as adjustments to the design to account for weight and security. 


Glazing refers to the type of protective coverage placed over the artwork while ensuring good visibility. With custom framing, the option of excluding glazing is possible, but generally not recommended, due to the potential for dust, dirt, and even UV rays to damage the artwork or picture.  

Glass and acrylic are both commonly used materials for glazing, and can come in specially made forms such as non-reflective, conservation clear, and museum glass that each offer a different level of protection for the artwork. Choosing more specialised types of glazing will contribute more to the cost of the custom picture frame. 

Mats and borders

Mats and borders offer an additional layer of protection to prevent the glazing from coming in contact with the artwork or picture. These are especially useful for delicate pieces of artwork, but can also help to enhance the presentation of the piece. Custom-cut mats are designed to fit the frame perfectly.

The value of custom picture framing

The value that a custom picture frame provides is well worth its cost — not only does it provide considerable protection for high-value artwork, but it also helps the picture stand out in any space as a highlight. 

Artworks or pictures that are not made to fit standard dimensions, will not be suitable for store-bought frames. A custom picture framing will take the exact sizing and depth of the picture into account (yes, even odd sizes) and allow it to fit perfectly in a safe display environment. 

Custom picture frames can also be personalised in every way, from engravings to the inclusion of labels on the frame to add to the artwork’s appearance. It’s one of the reasons why so many people opt for a custom frame to help their pictures blend seamlessly into their home or space. 

Last but not least, custom picture frames offer the best protection for artwork. Off-the-shelf frames are much cheaper in terms of price, but also in terms of quality. The use of high quality materials in a custom picture frame will ensure that the artwork stays preserved in its original quality without running the risk of physical damage or wear and tear. 

How to get an accurate quote for custom picture framing prices

So, how much will a custom picture framing cost for your specific piece of artwork or picture? The best way to find out is to approach an expert picture framing service for an accurate quote. 

At Professional Picture Hanging, we are Australia’s picture hanging and picture framing experts for all types and sizes of artworks. If you have a valued piece you want to display prominently in your space, be it a memento, a certificate, or an artwork, we can help you find a custom picture framing solution that meets your preferences.