Hanging Pictures & Artwork on Brick Walls

Brick walls are known for making a space appear more rustic, industrial, and charming – particularly in homes. However, the uneven texture and hard composition of bricks can make it hard to securely hang pictures, artwork, and frames. 

Can You Hang Pictures and Artwork on Brick Walls?

Yes, you can! But it’s not as easy as it seems, as brick walls are significantly harder to drill into to place the hooks or wall anchors that your pictures or paintings will hang from. 

Unlike easier-to-work-with wall surfaces like drywall or concrete, working on a brick wall will take considerably more effort and expertise in order to achieve a safe and secure structure to hang picture frames. 

 A Simple Guide for Hanging Pictures on Brick Walls

A Simple Guide for Hanging Pictures on Brick Walls

Hanging pictures or artwork on brick walls can be tricky — brick surfaces are not easy to work with, and usually require specialised expertise for safety reasons and to ensure a secure installation. 

In general, to prepare brick walls for picture hanging, you need to:

Mark the spots on the brick wall — This can help you plan the spacing of the artwork. Be sure to take measurements as necessary to avoid overlaps and the need to drill multiple holes. 

Choose the right equipment – Inserting the right wall anchors into the drilled sections on the wall is crucial. Not using the right type of anchor to support the load of the frame will result in an insecure installation. 

Get someone who knows what they are doing — whether you’re renting or you’re in an older brick property, don’t risk the security of your property and the artwork by DIY-ing a project that isn’t as simple as it seems. Consider getting in someone who know what they are doing when it comes to hanging artwork on brick walls.

Common Mistakes When Hanging Pictures and Art on Brick Walls

Common Mistakes When Hanging Pictures and Art on Brick Walls

When trying to hang pictures onto a brick wall, there are two common mistakes that should be avoided:

  • Mistake #1: Drilling into the brick

Brick material is extremely hard, and if the drilling process is not done with the proper expertise, can potentially result in cracking or damaging the wall. Instead of choosing to drill into the brick material, it’s typically recommended to drill into the mortar surface between the bricks. Holes drilled into mortar are much easier to be filled in later on, should you decide to shift the position of your pictures or artwork. 

  • Mistake #2: Using adhesive hooks or wall anchors

The porous and uneven surface of brick walls often make it an unreliable surface to use adhesive based hooks or anchors, even for small and lightweight frames. While adhesive hooks are much easier to install, there’s a higher likelihood of them failing to securely hold onto the brick wall, meaning that your pictures and artwork could fall and be damaged as a result. 

Can You Hang Art on Brick Walls in a Rental?

Yes, but with caveats. With rental situations, it’s advised to check with the agent or owner if any drilling or modification to the brick wall is permitted. Drilled holes into brick walls are usually considered as “damage” to the apartment, so be careful to seek permission first before proceeding with the work. 

The Value of Professional Advice When Hanging on Brick Walls

Trying to hang artwork and pictures on a brick wall as a DIY project is possible, but it’s not without the risks of causing structural and cosmetic damage to the wall. As the leading professional picture-hanging service in Australia, we have the right skills and equipment to hang your artwork and pictures safely and securely. Contact us today to start hanging your artwork on your brick wall!