Professional Art Hanging Services

Are you on the hunt for someone to help you hang all those pictures and mirrors you’ve got lying around? You’re in luck — Professional Picture Hanging has the experienced experts you need for mirror and picture hanging on the Gold Coast. Our trustworthy services are suitable for both commercial and residential settings, so whether you’ve got family portraits to hang at home or artsy mirrors for your office or gallery, Professional Picture Hanging will be there to help.

Hang Your Favourite Pictures

Trying to add some colour and variety to your walls and rooms, but not sure how to go about hanging art? Or, do you have a new, heavy mirror that you're not sure how to safely install? We don’t just do picture hanging on the Gold Coast, we can help you mount, place, and arrange your mirrors, too. Here's what we offer to Gold Coast residents and commercial spaces:

• Expert picture arrangement
• Customised display
• Secure mounting
• Professional placement advice
• Tailored, expert mirror placement
• Heavy mirror specialists
• Safe and secure equipment
• Expert levelling

Ready to get your artwork hung?

Our Gold Coast Hanging Experts

Professional Picture Hanging is your go-to picture and mirror hanging team, servicing homes and businesses across the Gold Coast in Queensland. Here’s why our loyal customers choose us for mirror and picture hanging on the Gold Coast:

Expertise: We understand the intricacies of hanging pictures and mirrors on all surfaces, using a variety of materials and arrangements.
Quality: Our team only uses the highest-quality materials tailored to your specific needs.
Fast Service: We know that you want your items hung as soon as possible, which is why we often complete the job on the same day!
Variety: It doesn’t matter if you have a single piece or a collection of art, we can hang it all.
Rental Solutions: If you’re worried about hanging pictures and mirrors in your Gold Coast rental property, you can rely on us to provide rental-friendly hanging solutions.

Here’s How We Do It

Hanging your pictures and mirrors on the Gold Coast has never been easier, cheaper, or faster. We can get the job done with your help through 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Submit your enquiry with information on your pictures and mirror. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a no-obligation, free quote for our picture and mirror hanging services on the Gold Coast.
Step 2: We’ll visit you and analyse your wall space and the pieces to be hung — taking factors such as size, weight, and materials into account.
Step 3: Next, we’ll install and hang your pictures and mirrors securely, ensuring that they are perfectly positioned and level.
Step 4: Enjoy your perfectly hung pictures and mirrors!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does picture hanging on the Gold Coast cost?

The cost of hanging your pictures on the Gold Coast will depend upon several key determining factors, such as the following:
  • How many pictures and mirrors you have
  • The size and weight of the items to be hung
  • The materials needed to hang your items
  • Whether you need additional framing services
  • What material your walls are

  • To get a free quote for mirror and picture hanging on the Gold Coast, get in touch with Professional Picture Hanging today. After you’ve got in touch, we can come visit you to determine our hanging process and get your mirrors and pictures hung — often on the same day!
    Can you hang heavy mirrors?

    Yes! Our skilled and experienced team can hang heavy mirrors securely using sturdy and reliable hanging systems, equipment, and technicals, ensuring that your mirrors are level and safe.
    Can you hang my pictures and mirrors on the Gold Coast today?

    Professional Picture Hanging provides the most reliable and fastest picture and mirror hanging services on the Gold Coast, offering same-day installation, depending on when you contact us. Most of the time, our team can fit you into our schedule within the same or the next day, so you can experience near-immediate gratification and enjoy the look of your pictures and mirrors sooner rather than later.
    Can I hang pictures and mirrors in a rental property?

    Absolutely. It doesn’t matter whether you own your place or you’re renting it — there are non-damaging hanging solutions for those who don’t have the option to drill holes in their walls. While there are solutions such as adhesive hooks, these may fail with heavier artwork. Professional Picture Hanging has experience hanging pictures without drilling holes, using specialised equipment and techniques.
    However, for the most reliable hanging system, we recommend booking us in to install your pictures and mirrors and then again at the end of your lease to remove hanging hooks and fill in any holes.
    How long does mirror and picture hanging on the Gold Coast take?

    Not long at all! Our professional hanging team can often hang your mirrors and pictures on the same day as your enquiry, allowing you to enjoy your new arrangements without delay.
    Can I hang pictures and mirrors by myself?

    While it is possible to hang your mirrors and pictures up by yourself, we don’t recommend it unless you’re experienced with picture-hanging materials and techniques. To avoid damaging your pictures, walls, frames, and floors, we recommend consulting the services of professional mirror and picture hangers on the Gold Coast — like those at Professional Picture Hanging. Trust our experts to ensure secure and aesthetically pleasing results for your mirrors and pictures on the Gold Coast.

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