How Much Does It Cost to Hang a Picture?

Hanging a picture is the best way to show off your art collection within your home, office, or commercial property. By elevating pictures and artworks up above the ground, you instantly draw more attention to the masterpiece. Hanging pictures is a great way to bring a room together, add some personality to the space, and all in all, make the environment more interesting. For a picture to look its best on a wall, you should call in a professional team to hang it on your behalf. So, how much does it cost to hang a picture? Well, we’re the experts when it comes to this service! The cost of professional picture hanging is going to be clearly outlined in our guide below.

Importance of Hanging Pictures

Before we break down the cost to hang pictures, it’s important to have a look at why it’s important to hang art. Hanging a picture or artwork on the wall is a great way of bringing appeal and a sense of liveliness to a room. Artworks are often the first impression on anyone walking into the space, and striking displays on your walls will leave a lasting memory.

Professionally hanging a picture on your walls is not only great for showing off your art collection, but it is also a fitting way of helping to preserve the works themselves. Artworks on a wall are far less susceptible to dust, knocks, mould, and other factors that can damage the integrity of pictures, canvases, and anything else you choose to hang.

So, rather than leave your artworks leaning on a low shelf (or worse, the floor!), consider getting your pieces placed in a configuration that suits you best to decorate your space and preserve their condition—a small price to pay for conservation.

How Much Does It Cost to Hang a Picture?

The cost to hang pictures in your home or office is dependent on a few factors. The Professional Picture Hanging service begins at a rate of $270 for the first hour and then $170 thereafter, not including GST.

When engaging a professional picture hanging business to complete your hanging, their cost will incorporate all required equipment and materials for the picture hanging systems. You’ll only need to provide the pictures!

However, how much you will be expected to pay for this service depends on several factors:

Factors Influencing the Cost to Hang Pictures

1. The Number of Artworks

Expenses for picture hanging services include time and materials needed for each job. So, if you have many artworks or photographs that you’d like hung on the walls of your office or home, expect to pay more to have that done. Often, picture hanging services might offer a deal when hanging multiple works over a certain amount. The more pictures that need hanging, the longer the job will take. For a company charging by the hour, presume that you will have the additional labour charge added to the final bill.

if you have a lot of art to hang on the walls it could be worth installing a rail system

2. Type of Hanging System

There are several ways in which you can have your work hung up on the wall. Traditional screws and hooks have been slowly replaced by suspended rail systems that are more modular, flexible, and less damaging to the walls. Screws are a cheaper method and will save you money on your hanging project, but they are less mobile, and you need to ensure you get the positioning right on the first go.

Hanging rails are quickly becoming the most popular method to hang pictures on the wall. Rails allow your work to be cleanly hung without any damage to the face of the wall, and are easily moved around to fit your changing taste. Hanging rails are a more expensive install than screws, but for the added benefit of alterable positioning, the investment is worth it.

3. Size and Weight of Artwork

How big or heavy the picture you’d like to hang will have an impact on the total cost to hang pictures. Sizeable works will demand extra reinforcement to ensure they are hung safely. Additional materials will increase your final bill, plus any work that needs to be done to the surrounding area to put the artwork in its place correctly.

heavy artworks will cost more to hang on the wall

4. Mounting Surface

Some surfaces handle the installation of picture hanging gear better than others. Drywall is the most common hanging surface and involves a more straightforward process for installing the correct secures. The process can be done rapidly and with minimal mess. For stone walls, far more effort is needed and more invasive drilling to properly attach a picture to the wall. So, whether you need your picture hung over stone or another material will affect ‘how much does it cost to hang a picture?’

Cost of Professional Picture Hanging vs DIY

One significant consideration when it comes to the cost of picture hanging is deciding whether to do it yourself or call in a professional to hang it for you. In many cases, doing it yourself can be a cheaper option. However, it comes at the risk of doing the job incorrectly. Poorly hanging a picture on your wall will not only look awkward, but can cause structural damage to your home or office.

When it comes to hanging your artworks on the wall, it is always better to get a professional to complete the job. Not doing so can leave your paintings at risk of falling off their secures and breaking if they are not hung correctly.

How Much Does It Cost to Hang a Picture? Ask Professional Picture Hanging

Taking the time to consider spacing, framing style, matching proportions and colour palettes is essential to creating a cohesive and eye-catching display. The Professional Picture Hanging service ensures the job is done right on the first go.

Our service is budget-friendly and perfectly suited to installations of any nature in all locations. To find out more about our Melbourne picture hanging service, contact us online or on 0491 491 029 to get a free quote now!

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