How to Display Certificates on a Wall

Your certificates aren’t just pieces of paper — they’re enduring testaments to your achievements and milestones. Display your certificates on a wall as a reminder of your accomplishments, adding personality and professionalism to your wall space.

This guide will discuss how to display certificates on a wall. Follow us as we discuss preparation, layout, out-of-the-box ideas, cleaning, and maintenance. Whether you’re hanging a university certificate, diploma, or sports accomplishment, it’s important to hang and display certificates safely to ensure that both the property and the certificate itself are protected.

Preparing Your Certificates for Display

To ensure your certificates look great on your wall, prepare them properly. Certificate preparation includes the following considerations:

Proper cleaning

Set your certificates down on a dry, flat surface and wipe them on both sides with a dry, soft cloth to remove dust and dirt. Depending on how thick your certificate is, water and cleaning solutions can damage the paper — you won’t want to hang your certificate on your wall if it’s smudged, so take care when cleaning!

Choosing the frame

Your certificate’s frame should complement your room, the wall, and the certificate itself. Your choice of frame will depend on the following factors:

  • Material: Solid wood frames provide a classic and durable design for your certificate. Aluminium and other metal frames give your certificate a sleek, modern look. Polystyrene is another affordable and lightweight frame option.
  • Colour: Your frame’s colour should match or contrast the colours in your room and the colour of the certificate. Make sure the certificate is what catches the eye, not the frame.
  • Size: Ensure your certificate fits in the frame with just a little extra room.

Protective Measures

Consider protective measures like UV-resistant glass and acid-free-matting to ensure your certificate stays in good condition. With UV-resistant glass, your certificate will be protected from fading from sunlight exposure, and acid-free matting will stop your certificate from yellowing.

Preparing your certificates for display ensures that they can be hung safely and stay up on your wall for years to come. Your future self will thank you for taking the necessary precautions.

how to choose the right frame for your certificate

How to Display Certificates on Wall: Layout and Arrangement

Before you start displaying your certificates, plan the layout and arrangement. This includes the following steps:

Determine the wall space

Measure the wall space you’ve chosen and each certificate. Decide how many you want to display and which ones are most important. You don’t want too many to be hung as this can overcrowd the space and make it feel cramped.

Decide on the layout

Choose your layout. It can help to draw a diagram on some scrap paper to visualise how it will look or use paper templates that match the size of your framed certificates. Adjust them until you’re satisfied — you can use blue tack or tape to stick them in place on the wall and view them from afar. Try the following arrangements:

  • Grid: Arrange the certificates in even rows and columns for a clean, symmetrical look.
  • Staggered: Create an alternating or irregular pattern for visual interest.
  • Vertical: If you have limited horizontal space, display your certificates vertically.
  • Horizontal: Arranging certificates horizontally creates a sense of continuity and allows you to display them in chronological order.

Take note of which certificate will be at eye level — this is pride of place, so choose the best one!

Techniques for Displaying Certificates

Use safe and appropriate materials and techniques for displaying certificates. Choose the proper equipment for the job.

Mounting hardware

Depending on the size, weight, and material of your certificate frame, you may use any of the following mounting hardware:

  • Picture hooks
  • Adhesive strips
  • Picture hanging wire
  • Wall anchors

Level and spacing

When hanging your certificates, try the following techniques:

  • Use a level to ensure your certificates are straight. Place the level on top of the frame when you hang it to check that it’s straight.
  • Measure the distance between each certificate to ensure they’re spaced consistently.
  • Mark the wall lightly with a pencil and ruler where you want the mounting hardware to go to ensure accurate placement.

Your certificates are invaluable records of your achievements, so it’s vital to ensure their safety. For the best and safest results, consult professional picture hanging services.

how to maintain your certificate display

Creative Ideas for Displaying Certificates on a Wall

If you’d like a unique and creative display for your favourite certificates, consider creating custom frames by painting them in your chosen colours or adding embellishments. You can also combine your certificates with other pieces of art or memorabilia — creating a gallery wall can add visual interest to your room and showcase your achievements alongside some of your favourite visuals.

Maintaining Your Display

After displaying your certificates, don’t just forget about them — to keep your display looking its best and ensure your hard work pays off, maintain the display by following these three tips:

  1. Dust and clean your frames regularly. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe down the frame and glass. Avoid using damp materials or cleaning solutions, as they can seep into the frame and damage your certificate.
  2. Check your certificates for damage. If you notice fading, yellowing, or warping, you may need to replace the frame or glass to protect the certificate better.
  3. Update the display to refresh the space and stay up to date with your current achievements. We’re sure you’re a high achiever, so display the most recent certificates or those you’re most proud of. You can also rearrange the certificates so you don’t get bored of them.

Let Professional Picture Hanging Help You Display Your Certificates

By following the simple steps in this guide, you’ll enjoy a professional and visually appealing display of all your most important certificates. If you need help hanging your certificates, consult the experienced team at Professional Picture Hanging for hanging solutions and system installation. We provide expert certificate framing and hanging services across Australia, so get in touch today to display your favourite certificates and show off your accomplishments on your walls.